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Our goal is to make your business even more successful with the help of a perfectly situated office. We are well aware of what strategic locations can mean for business. Therefore we have offices as well as in Nybroviken, Globen and Solna Centrum – all unique sites in their own way of feeling, availability and environment. Since we know that conditions can rapidly change for our customers we offer flexible contracts with a short 3 month period of notice.

Well inside the offices, the highest standards apply for the smallest as well as the biggest things. 100mbit fibre optic internet connection, fast wireless network, fax, phones is included for all our customers. A personal receptionist will meet your customers, who you can welcome in our conference rooms and meeting rooms. The offices can be interiorly decorated at your own desire or by our assistance, the cleaning is of course taken care of.

For your and your guests comfort we provide well filled refrigerators with food and drinks, as well as newly brewed coffee.

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Please take a virtual tour in our offices in Nybroviken , Globen and Solna.


KONTORET NYBROVIKEN/GLOBEN is operated by Kontoret Nybroviken AB since 1996. The business was started at Birger Jarlsgatan 2 with 20 offices for rent.

As soon as 1997 the business was expanded to the double and during 2002 the office grew further, adding 14 new offices – still at the Birger Jarslgatan address.

During 2004 we took further steps by inaugurating the new location at Arenavägen 41 by Globen and in the beginning of 2007 we also introduced our third location Solna Centrum. Totally is our business comprised of 100 offices and 14 meeting rooms.

Currently more than 100 companies have their homes at one of our locations.



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